CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Through your lens – Street photography challenge event

Tell us a few things about yourself.
My name is Ioannis Asmanis and I am from Thessaloniki. Whilst unemployed in Thessaloniki, I invested in education and photography won me over. I attended photography classes and immediately took to the streets to develop this art. I have always loved events and I have organised some in Thessaloniki, mainly in the art of dance as I was a salsa teacher. I have created the only flashmob salsa event in Thessaloniki so far and a special 4-day dance festival with 16 types of dance. In that manner I am now going to create, always with associates, a photographic event in Thessaloniki that I would also like to organise here in Edinburgh.

What is the ‘Through your lens – Street photography challenge’ event;
It is an event that is based on mobilisation and inspiration. I mean that the art of photography is creative and can unite people, as well as inspire them on a personal and collective level. It is, in short, a “game” – a challenge to our photographic abilities. At a specific time, some photography techniques will be offered to be performed, at a meeting point the details of which we will provide ahead of the event.

What is the event’s audience and what experience can it offer?
Well, it is aimed at any person who enjoys the art of photography; both amateur and professional photographers. It is addressed to everyone who wants to participate in their own way, they just want to be present. The benefits can be many and important. Creating a community, inspiration, knowledge, information, friendships, collaborations and socialisation! We are all winners from this, but it will be even better if all this becomes an institution!

How can one participate in this event and whom should they contact?
As long as they have a camera, even with that on their mobile phone, and are interested in photography; they will be ready for the event. So far no communication platform has been set up for this project, but anyone wishing to participate, help and be a member of an original idea to be realised here in Edinburgh, can follow my instagram page skg_edi or email me at [email protected].

How can the Hellenic Community of Edinburgh help you?
The idea may be mine, but I share it widely as I would like your help, those who wish of course, to organise this event. An endeavour that will require collaborations, associates and information exchange amongst each of us. I wish to organise this in an inclusive and collective manner. I call on all Greeks, or anyone reading this, who wish to get involved in this undertaking to get in touch with me to discuss accordingly.