Hellenic Library in Edinburgh

The Board of the Hellenic Community of Edinburgh is pleased to announce Greek books are now available in McDonald Library!

132 books in Greek have initially been registered and are available for lending from the Edinburgh Council Library website. There are at least 130 more titles that are in the process of being archived and hopefully we’ll add them in the collection soon. All you have to do is either visit McDonald library or visit Edinburgh Council’s Library website and under the advanced search choose the language option “Greek”, in order to browse the collection. Your active interest will help us secure even more space for new titles.

This effort to start a Greek language collection of books in Edinburgh, started in 2020 when we first got in touch with the publishing houses in Greece. The pandemic delayed the process but with persistent and systematic work we have now made a start and the first titles are on the shelves.

We are particularly proud to have completed this important milestone of our  initiative. Through collaboration and the understanding that we all benefit when we set common goals, we can implement even more ideas.

Therefore, we invite you all to actively participate in the Greek Community of Edinburgh, share your ideas with us and help us achieve even more.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Edinburgh Council, McDonald Road Library for providing the necessary space on their premises and the Central Library staff for carrying out the registration work. Conclusively, a big thank you goes out to the publishing houses Dodoni, Epikentro, Itanos, Roes and Mrs. Kritikou who donated the books to us. More to come…