Fundraising in Support of the Wildfires’ Victims in Greece

Dear all

Life on the Greek island of Evia will never be the same after the catastrophic fires of last August. Greece lost more than a million acres of woodland, including an enormous swath of forest on its second largest island, Evia. Lives of thousands of people were affected.

For that reason Scottish Hellenic Societies and Communities from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow took the initiative to organise crowdfunding to contribute towards a very specific cause. To assist, as much as possible, one of the villages that suffered huge damages in 99% of its area, Kourkouli Village. A small village of 450 people needs our help.

See how you can help on the following link:

Thank you

Organised by:

Aberdeen Scottish Hellenic Society
Greek Community St. Luke (Glasgow)
The Hellenic Community of Edinburgh
The Scottish Hellenic Society of Edinburgh
Scottish Hellenic Society (Glasgow)

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