EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) – Available Support For All – Requires Your Attention

The friendly people of the Citizens Rights Project have asked us to share with you the following very useful information regarding the Settled Status arrangements for EU citizens living in the UK. Please do have a look as the deadline (30/06/2021) is looming.

Information about the settled and pre-settled status within the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) and the services provided by the Citizens Rights Project.

To give you a bit of background, the UK Government introduced the EU Settlement Scheme to secure the rights of EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, and their family members (including non-EU), who live in the UK or arrive in the UK before the end of Transition Period on 31/12/2020. People need to apply by 30/06/2021. There is not much time left and we are especially worried about the most vulnerable, as they are very likely to have complex cases that will make the application process longer.

We are reaching out to employers, local authorities, representatives, third sectors of hubs, and community organisations like yours in the hope that we can identify EU citizens who are still unaware of this or who might be aware but are not applying because they need support.

We, and our trained and accredited volunteers, provide regular 1-2-1 immigration support to vulnerable clients and we work closely with Citizens Advice Scotland and their solicitor service, as well as other organisations providing this kind of support in Scotland.

We have multiple resources to raise awareness about the scheme and our services. You can find them in our padlet link with resources here. We explain some of them below:

  1. Multilingual A3 poster – this poster includes a simple message about the EUSS in many different languages. It also includes the details of our project so people can reach out to us. We are preparing a similar poster in other languages to reach non-EU citizens and people with double nationality, who might need to apply.
  2. A4 leaflet – This leaflet includes the most important information about the EUSS based on our experience providing outreach and support. This is also available in Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Hungarian and Latvian. Other languages might be available on request.
  3. Online resources adapted to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook about our 1-2-1 services, but also who needs to apply to the EUSS. We are creating more as we speak.
    Videos explaining different aspects of the EUSS, like what to do after applying or the concept of continuous residence.

If any of you would like copies of our printed materials, we can post them out to you. You can email [email protected] and let us know which resources you would like and how many.

Lastly, we also offer information sessions. So if you would like to organise an information session about the EUSS for your community we would be happy to provide this. Alternatively, we are happy to talk for a few minutes about our services in one of your meetings or we can organise something more informal to discuss how we could collaborate.

We also organise sessions for advisers and people supporting vulnerable citizens. You can visit our Vimeo Channel and check the recordings of previous sessions. You might be particularly interested in watching the following:

There are videos in different topics and also in different languages that you can share with your network.

You can sign up for updates and information about our activities, Brexit, the EU Settlement Scheme and citizens rights in this link.