Mount Olympus Travel Guide

A message from Jürgen Weidner, author of the “Mount Olympus Travel Guide”.

Dear friends of Greece,

surely you are longing for the day when the travel restrictions will be lifted and you can travel safely to Greece again. In this case I would like to draw your attention to the beautiful region around Mount Olympus. With the help of my wife Ursula, I have written a travel guide about sights (ancient sites, museums, monasteries and churches) around Mount Olympus. The book is free of advertising, has about 115 pages and can be downloaded for free from the internet.

In its issue 749 of November 4, 2020, the Griechenland Zeitung reported about the book. Information in Greek can be found in the newspaper City Portal, Thessaloniki, or in a report on the television station Dion TV.

After Greece staggered from one crisis to the next, we thought about what we could do to support tourism a bit. We want to whet the appetite of culturally interested people to visit this unique region. You can expect friendly people, beautiful beaches, culture and the mythical massif of Mount Olympus.

Download the Travel Guide here.

I hope you enjoy reading and discovering

Jürgen Weidner