“Online Meetings” of The Hellenic Community of Edinburgh – “Democracy, consensus and the wisdom of the masses in ancient Athens (and today)”

Once a month, you’ll all be invited to the “Online Meetings” of The Hellenic Community of Edinburgh (HCE). An open forum for all, HCE’s members or not. There are no conditions or commitments; just the need for good spirited friendly dialogue around a particular topic of common interest.

The “Online Meetings” aim to form a space of thought and experience exchange. The discussion topics vary, from initiatives in the professional, academic and societal plane, everyday life in Edinburgh and matters of social integration, all the way to spiritual and entertainment aspects. Some meetings may be more structured than others, with a specific topic being presented; whereas others may be more free-flowing as per participants’ desire.

Our third meeting takes place on Thursday 3rd of June 2021, between 19:00 – 20:30 (Edinburgh time). Mirko Canevaro, from the University of Edinburgh, will introduce the topic of “Democracy, consensus and the wisdom of the masses in ancient Athens (and today)”.

Can the masses be trusted with political power? Is a political elite necessary to run the state? Is majority rule the only way to make decisions in a democracy? There is no pre-modern case study for democracy that is better attested in the evidence, and more thoroughly studied, than Classical Athenian democracy. In this event, Mirko Canevaro will introduce the workings of the Athenian democratic machinery, at the same time reflecting on the nature, and the pitfalls, of the power of the demos, in dialogue with contemporary issues about democratic representation, expertise, and the crisis of majoritarianism.

The session will be in the English language.

If you wish to take part, please do send us your name and email address by using HCE’s website contact form. We will then be in touch with you, sharing the meeting’s connection details.