Greek Theatre in English & Greek: Poreia Theatre launches a new digital on demand platform

From Poreia Theatre in Athens:



Poreia Theatre, found in a crucial crossroad, like all theatre organizations worldwide, is trying to develop and adjust to the current challenges by staying active and constantly offering new services. We welcome you to our new digital platform for our on demand performances. On our new platform you can watch Poreia’s successful productions from the past 20 years online. From the comfort of your home, you now have the chance to come closer to theatre that has been much missed during the pandemic. New audience generations will have the opportunity to watch performances and get acquainted with our exquisite repertoire.  People from all around the country will be able to enjoy the Athen’s cultural events and Greek diaspora to hear the Greek language on stage. Moreover, theatre critics and dramaturgy students will gain a valuable tool for academic studies. All performances that are available on our digital platform have been professionally filmed and they can be viewed with English or Greek subtitles, to offer both to non-Greek viewers and theatre lovers with hearing problems, a theatre experience without hindrances.


The successful and popular play “This is not Romeo and Juliet” by Argyris Pantazaras is opening the platform scene, with the artist and Elli Triggou masterfully performing the damned young Shakespearean couple. February 14th seems like the perfect date for the story of this much-loved legendary couple.


“Junkerman”, M. Karagatsis’s emblematic novel, directed by Dimitris Tarlow is taking the lead, after a two years’ of huge success, with Yiannis Stankoglou holding the main role and a cast of 20 theatre protagonists. The performance will be available on our on demand platform from February 21st until March 15th.


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a work by Argyris Pandazaras


A performance about the ultimate love on Valentine’s Day…


Argyris Pantazara’s successful performance This is not Romeo & Juliet, based on Shakespeare’s masterpiece was greatly loved by audiences on the live streaming projections, reaching more than 10.000 viewers, will inaugurate Poreia’s on demand platform, on Valentine’s Day.

Pre-purchase ticket: from 5/2/21 until 14/2/21

Viewing available: February 14th 00:01 – February 15th 23:59


Performance viewing is available with Greek or English subtitles.

Projection is available for 24 hours after starting the viewing, and for the time limit set per lease.

M. Karagatsis


Theater adaptation: Stratis Pashalis


Direction: Dimitris Tarlow


“Junkermann” M. Karagatsis’ emblematic and fascinating novel, after a huge 2 year success, with more than 70.000 spectators, is back at Poreia Theatre’s on demand platform.

You will have the chance to watch Yannis Stankoglou and a brilliant cast of 25 protagonists, in an enchanting and seductive story, greatly loved by audiences. The life of the charming and audacious Finnish aristocrat, that discovers “highness” through the Greek realms, is brought to life on your own screen.

Pre-purchase ticket: from 9/2/21 until 14/3/21

Viewing available: from 21/2 00:01 until 15/3 23:59


Performance viewing is available with Greek or English subtitles.

Projection is available for 24 hours after starting the viewing, and for the time limit set per lease.

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